Why is Trudeau Clinging onto Travel Restrictions for Canadians When the World is Opening Up?

Trudeau makes a false statement about Covid Statistics in an exchange with conservative MP Melissa Lantsman when she cites a number of organizations and experts who are calling on the feds to drop the travel restrictions. She asks PM Trudeau who is advising the government to keep the restrictions.

Exchange in Parliament:

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21 thoughts on “Why is Trudeau Clinging onto Travel Restrictions for Canadians When the World is Opening Up?

  1. Yet people are walking in by the hundreds at borders.He is loving controlling the people.Why isn't checking Florida and Siuth Dakota, they never closed or imposed the vaccines. Not dropping like flies

  2. Those who have not taken the grand experiment are a control group. Its imperative for the elites. Who sold us down the vaxx our way out of the pandemic lie. To eliminate the control group. Else twenty years from now for example. The unvaxxed health outcomes could be compared to the vaxxed health outcomes.

  3. Who is behind those restrictions. It is obvious to me that there is someone behind those decisions. There is no way that is a sanitary
    reason. Trudeau should appear in a court. When he keeps on talking about Science, it should be more appropriate to say that he is
    manipulated by some forces. we will find out , no matter how hard Trudeau is hiding the truth. Only Court will have to be used since
    we don’t hear the real reasons for this abnormal situation. I am waiting. It will came, unfortunately we will have to wait for that.

  4. Trudeau; mascot of everything that is wrong with the world.He is at the forefront of encouraging every degenerate,radical, gimmicks of tokenism to attempts at creating a culture of politically correct absurdities. Inhale the stench of his hypocrisy & corruption

  5. SCIENCE?!?!?! Its about control!!! Getting the country used to communism!!! The kids already do not know any different!!!! in 20 years commie shit will be so normal you will look like freaks for complaining
    but then none of us do much except bitch in this forum. Good effort!

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