Winner 2020 World's Leading Tourist Attraction is Intramuros World Travel Awards

Intramuros, Manila in the Philippines is this year’s winner for the World’s Leading Tourist Attraction. This is awarded by the World Travel Awards. Video footages done before the pandemic.

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34 thoughts on “Winner 2020 World's Leading Tourist Attraction is Intramuros World Travel Awards

  1. Salamat he bok:) This is great news and well deserved, sorry I only just saw this video today. Intramuros is a place of great historical significance. I first went there in 2004. More recently, I have been several times between 2017 – 2020, it's always a great day out and another reminder of how much I miss the Philippines:)

  2. Dati akong seaman at talaga namang hinde pahuhuli ang ganda ng pinas sa buong mundo Maging ang buong maynila.Huwag ka lang pupunta sa mga squatters area at sa lugar na puntahan ng mga dugyot na tao na tapon dito tapon doon.

  3. SUMIRA Lang Kasi dyan ay Ang mga nagtitinda Kung saan saan, kalat Ang mga natutulog sa kalye, magulo Ang mga kalye, daming snatchers at holdaper, kalat Ang mga basura, kaya walang kwenta Yung mga dating mayor dyan. Daming bold sa sinehan, Basta magulo at madumi. KAYA Kudos Kay mayor isko. Congrats.

  4. Fort Drum…El Fraille left to rot and vandized and the structure steel beams stolen by vandals …its a Great part of Philippines 🇵🇭 History..why not try to repair some part of ot snd make it a Paid Museum..generate income….SAD TO SEE THIS ISLAMD ROT😏

  5. Number one for me, bar none. Historic and it's a walled city. A city in a city. I can't wait to go back once it's ok to travel. Thanks for this video. It makes me proud to see Intramuros winning this prestigious award.

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