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Working online whilst traveling the world sounds like a dream job for many people. But what exactly is a digital nomad? Pete and Supi live as digital nomads.

They travel the world permanently, work on the road and are always online. Their lives epitomize the digital revolution and how it is changing how we work live.

Many people dream of living and working on the road – a dream that has come true for Pete and Supi. Driven by a passion for travel, they set out to escape the dreary routine of everyday life. They want to achieve maximum self-fulfilment without big safety nets and full-cover insurance, in a nomadic world of adventure. Pete is a DJ, so parties and big cities are a defining part of his life, whereas Suparni aka Supi is the opposite; she’s looking for spirituality and awareness. The two show us the huge spectrum of opportunities that the world of the digital nomad has to offer. Despite their fundamental differences, they both earn their living by working remotely. The digital age has made this way of life possible: without the Internet, it would be almost unthinkable. But their lifestyle does have its limits, as is becoming especially evident to Suparni with her plans for parenthood. But it’s hard to find someone you love who also loves the same sort of lifestyle, and the constant travel is a big obstacle.

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45 thoughts on “Working online and traveling the world – digital nomads | DW Documentary

  1. Travelling has definitely helped me set up my own business and now running a gardening one in the UK. It's nice to know that there are places to venture to when things go quiet during the winter months

  2. if you can work online you do not need to travel, these lying hippies mostly thieves and drug addict. and they are NOT happy. Please stop spreading lies, kids might believe this.

  3. Iam an fulltime freelance artist, i love to work at home. Sometimes i really want to traveling, but for now i priorities to earn and save money to buy my own house. But will planing after that for go to another country.

  4. Rather inspiring. Tired going into work five days of week with office cliques and incompetent bosses. I've tried settling and being practical, but it hasn't been working out for me. The white picket fence isn't for everybody.

  5. doesnt look like any of these jobs freedoms can be extended to other regular office jobs. although i believe regular office jobs need to have a paradigmn shift and employers need to recognise this.

  6. The best lifestyle for me … having a job with good enough work/life balance ; and that gives me enough holidays per year so that I can enjoy seeing the world whilst I maintain the security of having a job, a circle of friends and a place I call home waiting for me between travels. I'm longing for nothing more than this.

  7. I personally need a consistent surrounding, a comfortable chair, and endless supply of coffee to keep myself productive. I’ve tried working from Bali for a week, it was nice, but couldn’t produce a real work. i’d rather spend a week in bali for holiday then go back to my office.

  8. The rich nomads, I've met a few of them on my journey through Camino Santiago. They just had a significant figure in their bank, and they had been travelling forever. Just talking about how they met new people from day to day. Those people lived by no ones deadline. I envy that.

  9. You are a vegan who run vegan blog, you do spiritual practicing and believe you are an influencer. What on earth makes you believe you can find a man on that age you are now. You look old and singel men will ofc goes for younger woman. The posibility of you finding a man now is too late.

  10. I can literally do the same, as my girlfriend already work over internet and I, in my family company, can work over internet as well. But atleast I got a real job, she is just ruining a vegan blog and doing shitposts lol.

  11. Well depends how you want your life to be.But I think most people decide to this kind of step because it is popular.People nowadays tend to do what most people do.That became a thing since Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram and so on.For me it was interesting to see when there was a few people doing this.Now is quite boring.

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