World of Concrete 2022- travel day with Darryl and Darryl!

World of Concrete 2022 is finally here. Join us as we drive from Milwaukee Wisconsin to Las Vegas Nevada. Non of us had ever seen a mountain until this trip and it was awesome to share the experience with good friends.


22 thoughts on “World of Concrete 2022- travel day with Darryl and Darryl!

  1. I keep getting asked why Bugs didn't go so I'll answer that here. I wanted him to go and he wanted to but he had something come up and just couldn't. He did take care of the snowplowing while we were gone and we were snowplowing together this morning.

  2. Ryan, tree's stop growing at 7-8000 feet due to lack of oxygen! In Estes Park, Colorado there are signs at the top of the pass 11,000 feet up that say please don't step on the tree's, some are 150 years old and only inches tall !

  3. So I got a question is it the reason why you play the music you do for the in-between to keep people occupied it's good music a lot of violinist and everything else trumpets is it because your daughter plays the violin and you just like the music and everything in the instruments and the sound that comes out of it I'm just curious I played the tenor saxophone for a while so I like that kind of music but I was just curious it's a good upbeat and everything and it never gets old

  4. What a great video Ryan!!! You guys helping that guy in Walmart parking lot was priceless 👌 👏 definitely goes to show you how people are in different places i honestly would've asked him if he needed help as well thats the type of guy I am always trying to help people in need but can't wait for the upcoming videos you guys rock!!!

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