World reacts to travel restrictions as new omicron variant spreads

The United States, United Kingdom, Australia and several other countries imposed travel restrictions at the end of November on South Africa and at least seven other African countries after the discovery of the new highly contagious omicron coronavirus variant. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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48 thoughts on “World reacts to travel restrictions as new omicron variant spreads

  1. Biden is the racist
    Biden is the racist
    Omicron real spelling is moronic
    Follow closely lil democrat fascists
    I can see November 22 already
    Mailbox voting
    Lots more zuckercash for democrat elections

  2. America just make it simple for us. You don’t want people to travel so you’re selling fear. How is it that you keep hammering on Africa??? Veiled racism is what omicron is.

  3. 1ST AMERICAN ROYAL FAMILY: I Jehovah placed the U.S. under Federal Travel Ban from all Incoming and Outgoing flights in the U.S.A. and all Amtrak Rail Services are canceled until Investigations are complete at Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego for the Kidnapping/Adoption of my 100+ Royal Twin Newborn Babies.

  4. Украина плюнула диктатору с Си Цзиньпин в лицо! Китайски вирус принес в Украину геноцид.
    Компанія Skyrizon та інші інвестори з Китаю через суд Гааги планують стягнути з України щонайменше 4,5 млрд доларів.

  5. You seen the price of meat? N W O is gonna starve us before we ever catch omicron. Disgusting devil's. We are starving because y'all keep shutting everything down! It is not the solution! We are starving!!! Long term starvation has worse long term effects than COVID ever could hope to. Let us take our chances, I wanna eat!

  6. Should have never lifted Travel Bans or let Covid Infected Illegals in Country, until Covid is Dead! Your Morons just keep Spreading it and and keep it going with this B.S.!

  7. A ban on all planes from Africa…until they at least get a grip on pointy sticks and fire…would be a good idea. Look around…bringing 4th world countries into the modern world just so we can sell them weapons and exploit them…what could possibly go wrong? Can anyone say "Preston Bush"? You know, from the family that brought you the bin Laden family…

  8. I Said it once and say it again everyone is going to end up living something Like
    "The boy in the bubble" except every time a person wants to go outside they have to stand in a booth
    which will spray the entire body will some type of screen for the skin something like a sun lotion or sunblock to keep them from catching any sickness.

  9. Brilliant job, world 👏 now you've taught other countries to hide any future outbreaks to avoid travel bans, which will harm these country's economically…in one of the poorest continents in the world. So stupid: all the did was be honest that there's a new variant that spreads quickly, but has weak symptoms.

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