WORLD RECORD TRAVEL STORIES #31 – GUINEA – character tested by a 1$ bribe

This story talks about the challenge of standing up against a 1$ bribe at multiple check posts in Western Africa. On one hand, people in the bush taxi were appreciating the stand I had taken, but on the other hand, it frustrated them with the time that was getting wasted. At each check post, I would spend at least 20 to 30 minutes explaining to the officers why I am not willing to give an amount that is equivalent to 1 US dollar as a bribe.

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36 thoughts on “WORLD RECORD TRAVEL STORIES #31 – GUINEA – character tested by a 1$ bribe

  1. Thanks for sharing another episode of your world travels. I suppose that to your feat of travelling the world in the fastest time should be added also this fact that it was done without bribing anyone! Benny, I also have this request: can you reduce your main video towards the end of the episode so that the other suggested videos have their own places to stay? Such an arrangement will be pleasant to the eyes.

  2. It's always been a great pleasure to listen from Dr. Benny about his firm decision against giving bribe… Which did inspired me to follow when it was my turn, and I refused to pay the bribe during my passport verification, knowing I'll be denied my passport. But I stood form on my decision, but graciously God worked in the heart of officer and I got my passport and could attend international appointments…

  3. I am trying my best to be as righteous as possible. I used to watch movies from websites that steal movies unoffcially.I need to be more and more cautious to be more righteous. Thank you for this amazing video.

  4. Thank you Br.Benny for sharing your experiences. But pls increase the rate at which share new videos. There r lot of countries and I m sure u would have some story. It’s very encouraging

  5. Wow such a strong testimony on holding your ground !
    Thank you Benny sir for teaching us the importance of keeping our integrity no matter what the circumstances are !!

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