WORLD TOUR KAISE HOGA || Kenya Border || Cycle Baba in Africa Ep. 389

I Cycle Baba/ Dr. Raj / World Traveler/ Hindi Travel Vlogger/ Indian Youtuber who travelled around the world more than 61 countries on Bicycle is continuing his International Journey entitled “Baba in Africa”. In this video I have started going from Kenya to Tanzania border. On the way, I captured few footages of small villages of Kenya and tried to show you the glimpse of real Kenya village. I also interact with local peoples. I got sick after going close to the Tanzania Border.
Watch the video till the end to know whether I could cross the border or got stuck in Kenya itself.
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20 thoughts on “WORLD TOUR KAISE HOGA || Kenya Border || Cycle Baba in Africa Ep. 389

  1. Sir bahut din baad aaj Youtube me hu mai.Thankss sir for again shearing great experience.Sir..Apna khayaal rakhe pls..fir Ek baar khauff hai Corona ke new varient ka.

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