World Travel Disney Painting Coloring Book Review

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5 thoughts on “World Travel Disney Painting Coloring Book Review

  1. I can't trace for anything and I love a dark outline so this book isn't for me but it is Pretty. And a lot of colorist love to trace so it's great that there's something for everyone! 😃 The different color of line art seems to be an emerging trend which is fun! Thanks for the Great Review! 😃

  2. I absolutely LOVE this Gorgeous book and the Grey Light lines well i love to color these because after they disapear, i need that one for shure Lea, thank you for the great review!

  3. Hehehe, that's not a frog, that's a manta ray. It's from Finding Nemo. 😀 And again, nice book… need to have that. 😀 I wouldn't trace, i would just color it in as it is. It seems, that lines may vanish nearly completly when colored in.

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