It’s NOT THAT SIMPLE anymore. With OUTBREAKS still taking hold among the UNVACCINATED on the islands, traveling between islands is still very complicated. But the vaccines ARE HERE. We just have to figure out how to get one as complete foreigners most everywhere we go. And sooner is much better than later when our own health is on the line. Enjoy!! And be sure to SUBSCRIBE for WEEKLY CONTENT EVERY FRIDAY! Cheers!!

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20 thoughts on “WORLD TRAVEL Has NEW HURDLES | SailAway 160

  1. I got the vacation in the end but it took me a long time to decide to do it usely it takes 12 years start to finish to get a new medication cleared to be used on humans they did this one in 6 months star to finish I talked to my doctor and pharmacist and read 📚 a ton of stuff but in the end I did it

  2. For me, that's a hard no, but everyone has to do what makes them happy. I was disappointed that the channel took a stance on people's personal decisions, but I can see most of your viewers agree with you, so I guess it hits with your demographic. Personally, I watch your videos to sail away and leave behind the yuckiness of the current world.

  3. Thank you for doing your part in "Saving the World".. Here in Florida, we are now heading down a road of dumb thinking not wanting to get the vaccine over political garbage, not knowing they are 100% of the new problem of overwhelmed hospitals and deaths due to non-vaccinated .. Their political party is daily getting smaller and doing the opposite they really were shooting for.. (duh) It's just insane.. Thank again, you guys are wonderful.. It was a bit emotional watching you trying to get the shot and so glad you were able to pull off.. Be safe..

  4. Great video as usual and I'm glad you were able to get the vaccine and had the courage to show it! Covid is running rampant in states where vaccine levels have been low (Florida reported 21,863 new cases last Friday, and I believe the daily rate has gone up since then!), so I believe you'll be on the right side of history on this one…

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