World Travel : Our Vlogging Challenge

World Travel has been our dream and through our Financial Independence Journey, we have now made this a reality. But now it feels so real we can touch it and there are a number of areas where we have thought long and hard about the journey ahead for us. We will be bored on the road? or worse, will we feel that we miss the challenges that we got from our stressful corporate jobs? We have discussed this at length together for the last year or so and have devised a number of challenges that we need to rise to meet each month that we travel the world.

We outline those challenges in this video and will expand on them in more detail in future videos. These challenges are great enough to make us have to work to achieve them but at the same time they will provide real insight for you, our team of Roamer’s that we take with us. You will be able to see how easy or not it is to remain fit and active, to achieve living on a tight budget and keep your brain fed as you learn new skills while travelling.

We are beyond excited to put these challenges into action.

Let us know your thoughts on them in the comments as well as some suggested forfeits!

Thanks for coming with us on this journey, we can’t wait to get started.

If you haven’t seen our other videos, we would love it if you checked them out. Having followed the principles of FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) we invested wisely, spent sparingly and formed a plan to escape the rat race and take on the world! Minimalism doesn’t get any more extreme and we will leave the UK to seek adventure. If you want more content on FIRE – just let us know in the comments, this is our specialist subject and we may be able to help you do what we did.

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13 thoughts on “World Travel : Our Vlogging Challenge

  1. I suggest the forfeit for not meeting your goal to walk 150 miles per month might be no pastries the next month. 😁 Love y'all's channel. We binge watched this past week and are now caught up. Keep them coming, and have fun!

  2. Fitness is so important when travelling full time. Stijn and I have Garmin watches as well as Stijns parents and siblings, so we not only join Garmins challenges, we set up family challenges and compete against each other. So we always get our morning walks, or take hikes and of course those casual walks around town to the local square or shops also helps! Maybe it would be fun to have a little friendly challenge on the side with you two😁 We love to be challenged, it inspires us to do more! Great video, love you guys! 💞

  3. I have a fitbit and it works great for tracking and has the ability to do "challenges" with others. My sister and niece and I are in weekly challenges to help keep us motivated. I'm guessing 10k is pretty doable for the both of you. I take a morning walk and evening walk and listen to a podcast and I seem to be able to get 10k most days.

  4. I think having a challenge is awesome and motivating but don’t let it turn into a chore you do from guilt!! I hope you get those steps in coz you’re visiting amazing places… if you decide to take a break THEN TAKE A BREAK!! This is your best life 🙏🏻❤️

  5. I’m all about a good challenge. With such little structure in our lives, it’s helpful to commit to a positive action. In New Orleans March/April last year, we did 10,000 steps every day for 7 weeks. As we meander slowly through the US, we find at least half of our locations don’t have sidewalks and aren’t walking friendly. So, keenly interested in how it goes for you both.

  6. Thanks for brining the need for “purpose/challenge” in daily retired life back to the forefront! We’ve discussed this before but it’s migrated to the back burner. Time to work on this again!

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