World Travel Starts! | Panama City Panama | Where to go in 2022 [Vlog #50]

Finally, our world travel starts in Panama City, Panama. Subscribe and join us for Season 3, our Central America travel vlog as we share our everyday adventures and where to go in 2022 in Central America.
After our early retirement and seeing all 50 states and 51 National Parks the last 2 years in our Airstream, we left Orlando and headed to Panama City, Panama to spend 4 months in Central America. We plan to share our travel vlog of our everyday adventures as we travel the world. Retirement travel can be the best time of your life, so consider subscribing, hitting the like button and join us for the start of a 10-year adventure of world travel.

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00:00 Introduction
00:29 Channel Trailer
01:11 Arrival in Panama
01:52 AirBnB
03:58 Vlogging Plans
04:48 Dinner
05:34 Blooper
05:58 Subscribe and Like

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18 thoughts on “World Travel Starts! | Panama City Panama | Where to go in 2022 [Vlog #50]

  1. After finishing our tour of the US National Parks in an Airstream, join us as we start our 10-yr journey around the world. Subscribe and follow along as we begin our Central American adventure in beautiful Panama. John and Bev

  2. Welcome to panama, i'm glad you like panama, there are many places to visit, thanks for the photos in panama la vieja, i'm one of the girls who was in a group where there was a french hahaha, we started to follow you❤️ greetings and good luck in your next destinations and enjoy Central America!!

  3. I’m excited to jump in (not “jump off” lol) on this World Journey. Season 3 is going to be fun. Glad to see Bev and Bill make a cameo appearance. They’re awesome hosts. Can’t wait to hear more about this country. Roughing it on the 48th floor will be a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. Real interested in how the language school goes. Is that in Panamá? Or in a later country?

  4. We are so glad you arrived safely. Loved this vlog, and that apartment, what a find ❤. Love the line John… "a few years ago when I was in college" 🤣. You must be in trouble too, as Bev used your middle name 🤣. Enjoy yourselves, you so deserve this time together. Bring on Season 3.

  5. I like the format change. A very popular video I saw years ago was centered on the differences between living in Germany and the US. The lady got subs not only in US but it exploded in Germany. Some topics funny and others just strange. The channel had 4M subs if I recall correctly. This is a story only the retirement travelers can tell.


  6. Good morning Panama!! So happy you made it. Wow what a spectacular Airbnb. Nothing like we lived while in Panama! I do hope you get out and see some of the way the people really live, that is on the fringes of the city and the towns far outside the city. Unfortunately most of the tax $ goes in to keeping Panama City shining but leaves very little else for the other towns in the country. However you can still find some great people and interesting places out of the reach of tourist spots. Enjoy your language school! Love you C&R

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