World Travel Update 2021 – Southeast Asia & Latin America Travel

World Travel Update 2021 – Southeast Asia & Latin America Travel
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Entry requirements are changing rapidly in this pandemic driven world. Today, we’re going to discuss the travel outlook of several Southeast Asian and Latin American countries.

Mexico is fully open and no vaccine/pcr test is required to enter the country at this time. Unfortunately, expats and digital nomads who visited the country in the past may not be given 180 days any longer.

The Dominican Republic is open to international travelers from many countries and proof of vaccination is not necessary in order to enter the country at this moment. The visa situation is relaxed – you can legally overstay and pay a fine when you depart the country.

The United States requires all returning citizens and residents to have a negative PCR test. Same goes for fully vaccinated travelers. All tourists are required to be vaccinated.

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6 thoughts on “World Travel Update 2021 – Southeast Asia & Latin America Travel

  1. thanku your update. i hope to read your e book. while flying to asia soon. i just spent a year in. dom rep. now back in usa. havent sean my phillipines gf. in 18 months. i was living there 3 years. left when covid started. locked out now. hoping. dec 15. philipines. revisits the green lane path. then i choose. a green lane to visit for 3 weeks. since. usa is yellow. i am vaccinated. so. if phillipines. over reacts to the new. variant. maybe. i do the. thailand pass. thing. and try to fly my gf in phillipines. to phukett. but she is 27. maybe. they dont let her go. due to human trafficking. who knows. regardless. my question is. if i do the. thailand pass. how much time is the visit. 30. 45 or 180 days. can i extend there. overstay easily. thanks your optimis and monitoring all this. fyi. when leaving. dom rep. there is a difficult e ticket. to fill out. internet only. make sure you send it in before the flight day. i paid 6500 peso overstay no problem. dom rep. i found unsafe and. dangerous

  2. Getting accurate, up-to-date info like this must be a lot of work. Much appreciate your work.Thailand still had a one day quarantine according to all the reports I've heard and the paperwork before being allowed entry can be a nightmare.
    Cambodia is indeed open< No insurance needed, no quarantine for the vaccinated.

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