WORLD TRAVEL VEHICLE, Modified Episode 94

WORLD TRAVEL VEHICLE, Modified Episode 94

0:00 intro
1:17 The World Rig
2:43 Bar-work Exterior
7:15 Recovery Gear
9:50 Roof Setup
12:17 TYRES
13:47 Suspension Upgrade
20:35 REAR CAMP Exterior
24:05 REAR CAMP Interior
26:42 Cab Interior
32:14 Q and A

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50 thoughts on “WORLD TRAVEL VEHICLE, Modified Episode 94

  1. nah Ronnie, this is you tube social media cringe! Your honest old school reviews where genuine and a pleasure to watch! Side light indicator and door handle protectors? lost me there! smile for the camera!

  2. Hey, Ronnie! I saw this and remembered you also did the trip to Arizona and got to walkaround TrailRecon’s Jeep Rubicon. I have a 2013 Defender 110 and am considering the selling for a Rubicon for the better comfort. Thoughts on the idea? My concern is the lack of space and weight capacity when it would come to trips around Aus.

  3. These days it seems like every man and his dog is jumping on the "overlanding" bandwagon but these guys are certainly the real thing.

    I don't mean to criticise what others are doing but you can visit almost anywhere in Europe, Canada or the USA (or even Oz) and be home again in a couple of weeks for repair, restock and maintenance.
    To be on the road for YEARS, one country after another, is just a whole other level.
    Total respect.

    In a sane world, these guys would be the poster-kids for the Land Rover brand but, unfortunately, it seems like LR just want to sell gin-palaces to footballers these days.

  4. Very nice; good modifications; but still missing few mandatory stuff for world tour vehicle. Sad no Flag of PAKISTAN; i believe no world tour of off roaders can be completed without visiting Pakistan. We have everything deserts, sea, streams, lakes and huge towering mountain ranges. A must visit (Y)

  5. I’ve been following Gizzley n Bear for a few years now. Great report. Those two are driving my best vehicle. And they do what many people would do. Cheers 🍻

  6. We're following Leigh and Steph for years. Although we've never met with them, we feel like we were part of their journey from Europe to Australia. Steph, many thanks for all the videos you created out of your Defender. Have fun in Australia. That's the overlanding paradise.

  7. Love these guys, probably my favourites on youtube. Great attitude, awesome vehicle and seriously into what they do.

    These guys really do 'explore the ends of the earth'….unlike another un-named Youtuber.

  8. Great video and thank you Leigh and Steph for going so in depth with your home 🏑, hope I get to bump into Grizzly on the roads of Western Australia. Cheers Ronny! 🍻

  9. The O.G intro music is back. Be interesting to see how this vehicle lasts in australia, looking heavy and weighty behind the axle. Will it be able to handle the corrugated tracks. Good looking car though.

  10. Awesome episode! We were very fortunate to spend lots of time with Steph and Leigh here in Japan and they are beautiful people with so many amazing stories. Hats off to GrizzlyNbear and Ronny Dahl for making consistent quality content.

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