World’s Tallest Living Woman Wants to Travel the Globe #shorts

This world record holder now wants to be a world traveler too. Rumeysa Gelgi, 24, of Turkey was certified by Guinness World Records as the tallest living woman last month. She says she has always wanted to experience other cultures, but her condition has prevented her from traveling long distances. Gelgi’s height of just over seven feet is a result of Weaver Syndrome. It causes rapid growth and can start before birth.


32 thoughts on “World’s Tallest Living Woman Wants to Travel the Globe #shorts

  1. Maybe a motorhome with bed would be a better solution if she wants to travel? They can also instal lift for her wheelchair and custom her bed size to fit her. It might be costly but seems like a better option is she still wants to travel

  2. A lit RV and a massive yacht 🛥 to transport her and said RV decked out with everything she or her caregiver could possibly need, across oceans and lakes 🥰✊🏽

  3. I don’t think this syndrome should count towards the record. I think we and they might have it but natural height from tall parents

  4. God has a plan for everyone, I have the same problems with sitting and standing (different condition) but know the feeling of being limited. But I have had the opportunity to speak with people (Young kids even) and try to help them with the mental part of being confined. Hope and Pray Y'all may also be able to Help others as well 💜

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