you can travel the world 🤑🎄 // with bestie alt 😔


38 thoughts on “you can travel the world 🤑🎄 // with bestie alt 😔

  1. Hey Nara!im really in this situation like I want to qiut bc I’m not being the best ytber out there you were my inspiration!I just Lysmmm do you have any suggestions for me I feel kinda down but remember Ilysm!

  2. Your unbelievable I can’t believe you clearly don’t heart any of your fans comments on YouTube and you used ninas audio for credits you literally are the worst you could of used your own instead of copying in your whole dang entire video and now you wanna heart comments now cause clearly you care about your fans now well you don’t because you don’t heart your comments at all your the worst youtuber by far and I’m sorry but it’s true you can’t be on here if this is how you wanna act just get people to subscribe to you gurl bye. Cause I ain’t your subscriber anymore since clearly this is what you do. You can play dumb if you don’t know what I am talking about.

  3. hey nara, I’m not your biggest fan but I really appreciate your hard work in your videos and I just wanted to say that, I’m really sorry about all the hate your getting from Nina and swaggy SOPH they’re both being SUPER rude and unreasonable, Nina was my idol, but not anymore.. They’re “reasons” why I should unsub from you is “nara doesn’t care about her fans and doesn’t like their comments” well you get more than like 500 comments, you have school and hw and you post a lot! How are people supposed to manage all of that? But u manage all of that and they’re just jealous of you bc they can’t. I’m really not trying to hate on them but your loosing subs bc of them, can you please pin this so your fans know?

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